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Urban AKS 6600

Urban have developed a very flexible and high-quality series of machines available in different versions (with six or eight welding heads). The AKS 6600 can be used for transom V-welding as well as for transom butt welding, with heater plate from above or from below, so the machine optimally meets your requirements.

• AKS 6605 with weld seam limitation of 2.0 mm
• AKS 6610 with weld seam limitation of 0.2 mm
(equipped with heated plates and stainless steel knives)

The front sliding clamps can be released diagonally by 45º to easily insert the profile bars without problems - even with very small pieces. Additionally the stop remains in the front position so that also the very last profile bar can be easily inserted.

All parameters (e.g welding temperature, heating time, fusing pressure, joining pressure, joining time) can be individually adjusted - this allows for optimal result for different profiles.
The welding temperature is constantly monitored by perfectly synchronized temperature regulators and heater plates.
The automatic adjustment of the fusing time to different cross sections of profiles, the click-stop system and the integrated frame limitation of 40 to 200 mm (optionally 240 mm) ensure excellent flexibility.
You also have the choice regarding the stop side. Electronic positioning of the axes X and Y via AC servo-motors which are disconnected during the welding process (no position control). All machines are equipped with an automatic movement to a subsequent cleaning machine.

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